Hi. My name is Yiran. 
A lot of people have a hard time pronouncing my name. I think it's the "Yi" that makes people confused. For your convenience - it's pronounced Ee - Ran. I haven't met anyone yet who has the same first name as mine. It's quite an uncommon name and I often get asked what it means.
My first name is composed of two Chinese characters just like many other Korean names. Yi and Ran each stand for a different Chinese character having a specific meaning assigned to them. In my case, Yi means "there" and Ran means "orchid". So my name literally means "There orchid". Of course, it wouldn't make any sense if you put it that way. I think it should read as a sentence like "An orchid is there" or "There's is an orchid".
In Korea, it's rare to see names being a sentence. Korean names are usually made up of either a noun plus a noun or an adjective plus a noun. For example, one of my close friends has a name that means "Rightful Jade" and it is one of the most popular names for the guys.
I think "There orchid" sounds kind of poetic. I like how it becomes a grammatically incorrect sentence in any order you put it. I like how my name has a sense of place. It really sounds strange, though. Even my entire family was baffled when my grandfather brought the paper with my name written on it because it just didn't sound right; why is the orchid there? Seriously, for what purpose is the orchid there, not here? Only the fortune teller who created my name would know.
Besides having a weird name, I have a cat, a husband, and a few friends. I enjoy cooking and I often share the foods with them. 
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